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" In God’s search you will be
Attentive to the necessities of your Brothers and sisters".
- Amado Nervo -


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Nicaragua is located in the center of North America along with Honduras, Costa Rica to the south and in between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The country is divided into four topographical regions: (1) The mountainous zone of Diriamba which is the continuation of the mountainous zone of Costa Rica and ends in the South is known as the isthmus of Rivas. (2) The central area of the lower zones, which partially occupied by the large fresh water lakes—El Lago de Managua and El Lago de Nicaragua. (3) The central mountains which are North-east of the lake zone. (4) The low zone of the Caribbean, which is opposite of the flat, valley and lagoon zones.

This small Central American country has suffered for years different devastations provoked by political differences, earthquakes, natural disasters like the one that affected the region in November of 1998 and was categorized by the experts as the worst natural disaster of the past century—Hurricane Mitch. The country’s infrastructure is practically eliminated, bringing misery, hunger, children in the streets, orphans and death through the region.

All these tragedies have made the region fall behind by decades and the worst is still yet to come. The economy, education and employment and the desire to continue a good system of life has been lost and it is our responsibility as human beings to make an effort to help restore the value as human beings to our brothers and sisters in the Central American region.

It is impossible to satisfy the needs of everyone who is suffering, but it is the mission of this non-profit organization “Abandoned Children in Nicaragua Foundation, Inc.” to rescue children that wonder through the streets of Nicaragua. We have made the commitment to rescue these abandoned and neglected children that wonder through the streets and have no resources for nourishment, a roof, and no opportunity to receive the minimal education to convert themselves into productive citizens of the future in the Nicaraguan nation. We have to remember that the children are the future and without our children, there will be no future.

We have formed this group of citizens with Nicaraguan origins, friends of the children and community leaders to act as members of the Board of Directors of the Abandoned Children in Nicaragua Foundation. The foundation was registered in California under the 501c3 code. The sister foundation “Niños Abandonados en Nicaragua” was registered in Nicaragua as a non-governmental organization (ONG). These organizations are dedicated to the development of efforts in the fundraising to bring attention to this desperate situation. It is our objective to provide immediate solutions to the problem for the construction of Child Protection Centers initially in the surrounding areas of the city of Managua.

Unite with our cause—the cause for the children by participating as volunteers in one of our many activities!


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